Episode 70


In Episode 70 you will hear:


• A no-barrier approach to Polishness

It’s fantastic that children of emigrants, Poles who settled in other countries such as Canada, even though they were often born and educated here, are interetsed in their roots, cultural heritage and want to incorporate their Polishness into their identity. There are a few Polish Canadian youth organizations, including the one and only Quo Vadis movement, which we have featured on POLcast. A Polish Canadian young professionals’ organization, whose launch we celebrated on POLcast last year – Konekt is a bit different from other such groups. It’s been growing and expanding.

• Cooking, teaching and singing – all in one

I am introducing to you our new POLcast collaborator – Maria Rozynska and her Just Be Cooking. Maria will be collaborating with POLcast and will have her own segment in each episode. 

Maria Rozynska created an innovative project in Toronto called Just Be Cooking – where people make food (not only Polish) under expert supervision, hear about its history and cultural signficance, listen to live music, and eat the food that they cooked in a communal meal. 

• How can languages save your life?

How can knowing multiple lanuages help you stay alive? A Polish American academic Tadeusz “Tad” Haska survived WWII and the stalinist repressions thanks to his unusual linguistics talent. This incredible story was lovingly described by his granddaughter Stefanie Naumann in her book  How Languages Saved Me: A Polish Story of Survival, released in September 2019 with Koehler Books.

• Goodbye to Laura and Peter Żerański – please but their great heritage cookbooks (you can learn about them here)

Music – POLcast’s surprise at the end of the episode.


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