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  • From Claire Selby on Your comments

    I really enjoyed episode 70 on your podcast about getting to know more about Poland. The sentiments expressed by the participants in the episode by Małgorzata Bonikowska resonated particularly strongly with me, as someone who spent nearly a decade in Poland soon after its independence from the Soviet Union. My family and I decided to build a house by a private lake just outside Warsaw, which brought us close to the villagers, their everyday challenges, traditions, warmth and, for us, unexpected reactions. I have just finished writing up my experiences as a British expat in Poland, including many stories, in a book. It’s due to be published on Amazon Kindle at the end of this month, and I wondered if this publication might be of interest to your listeners. If you think they would enjoy this story, I would be more than happy to come on the podcast, perhaps read a sample chapter, or have a conversation with Małgorzata or other host about the book – Waking up in Warsaw.

  • From Nowy 67 odcinek POLcastu - podróż w przestrzeni i w czasie - GAZETA dziennik Polonii w Kanadzie on Grandmothers' recipes - a Polish-American couple's passion (Episode 13)

    […] • Smacznego! Eating Polish – plum crumble […]

  • From D.W.K. on Grandmothers' recipes - a Polish-American couple's passion (Episode 13)

    This is good and interesting article. However, I strongly suggest that the title be changed:

    • Smacznego! Eating Polish – plum crumble; suggest that “Smacznego!” be dropped.

    “Smacznego!” is not recognized in elegant Polish. In the fifties, kindergarten teachers would tell us before lunch: “Smacznego dzieci!” We were supposed to answer “Dziekujemy Pani”. Our teachers also advised us that ‘good upbringing required that we kept our hands under the table or behind our backs’. This truly was a ” peoples’ Savoir Vivre ” and my family was terrified when they heard of those tips and of “Smacznego!”. “Bon appétit!” just does not translate into literally Polish.

  • From Jerry Proskurnicki on Your comments

    I would like to contribute to your cause but am not pleased with the food part. I do not need to purchase a cook book but would enjoy having occasional recipes published on your site.
    I am a sybirak and my mom left me a hand written cook book she titled (Przepisy nowoczesnej kuchni z roku 1933 od p Wasilewskiej) She compiled this in 1948 in Koja Uganda. My polish is not what it used to be so it is difficult to translate.
    Please post individual recipes and I will be your supporter. Some titles in the book are:
    Piernik doskonaly —Zupa Rybna,—Tort cytrynowy ITD.

  • From Adam L. on An American in Poland during martial law (and later)

    I was a student of Professor Koloski at the time when he was in Katowice. It has been an amazing experience to hear his voice again.
    I do remember the times he talked about in the interview, but also the way he taught American literature here.

  • From Mark Sdio on Your comments

    Just discovered your podcasts and absolutely love them! One correction – the first European country to give the vote to women was Finland in 1905. Dziekuje bardzo!!!!!!

  • From Olga Polga on Your comments

    Where have you been all my life?! Finally an English language forum to satisfy my passion for Polish culture.

    Thank you for breaking the mold of requiring Polish fluency to participate in Polonia.

    • From Malgorzata P. Bonikowska on Your comments

      Dearest Olga – read about us, we only started 2.5 years ago but many people in over 110 countries are happy that they can get interesting info IN ENGLISH. Thank you for your nice message and please, tell others!

  • From Kita Szpak on Your comments

    Polish soprano Maria Knapik is the lead in Madama Butterfly – Pellegrini Opera’s one-time production on Saturday, September 22 in Ottawa. Visit for more information.
    Perhaps you may be interested in interviewing Maria – one of the original sisters of the “Polish Von Trapp Family” from Krakow.
    Kindest regards,

  • From Ashkenaz Festival – związki Żydów z Polską on Polish themes in Toronto's Ashkenaz Festival (Episode 21)

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  • From Paulina Pedziwiatr on Your comments

    Malgosia I love polcast! I just drove 6h to Montreal and downloaded a bunch of your episodes and listened to them!

    Idea: get an interview with Kompot band, hottest polish-Canadian band in Mississauga right now!

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