Konekt – a new brand of polishness (Episode 53)


This story is featured in Episode 53

Many great ideas appear and then… disappear without ever being implemented. But here’s a story of one idea that didn’t follow this sad path.

In Episode 48 we talked about a movement of young dynamic Polish Canadian professionals who have organized 12 annual youth conferences called “Quo Vadis?”, which means “Where are you going?”, the last of which was held last fall in Burlington. They had been meeting and talking about the future of Canada’s Polish community until they came up with Konekt, a new young Polish Canadian professionals’ own organization. 

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On April 18 they organized the official launch of their brainchild. The Konekt at Dusk event was held at Baro at 485 King Street (definitely worth visiting). 

Equipped with the secret password, we were led into the well hidden trendy bar. It was full of young people and the atmosphere was really upbeat – that’s what it’s like when a new thing is being born and people are really excited about it.

The organizing team

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Konekt’s website



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