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A legend that needed to exist

Dariusz Rosiak, a renowned Polish press and radio journalist and author, has just published his 6th book “Biało-czerwony. Tajemnica Sat Okha” (White and red. The secret of Sat Okh).

Sat Okh, Long Feather (c. 1920 – July 3, 2003), was supposedly born to a Polish woman and a native Canadian Shawnee chief, then returned to Poland, where he fought in WW2, worked in the navy and then started his career of informing Poles and other Europeans about the culture and tradition of native Canadians.

Time for the young Poles in Canada

Quo Vadis in Latin means “where are you going?”. It is the title of an 1896 iconic historical novel by one of the most famous Polish writers Henryk Sienkiewicz, which contributed to his Nobel Prize for literature in 1905.

Young Polish Canadians have adopted this phrase as the title of their conferences. There have been already 12 Quo Vadis conferences, the latest one in Burlington outside Toronto on October 13 and 14, 2017.

•  Suitcases that change people’s lives

Not Just Tourists was founded with the purpose of getting medical supplies to those who can’t afford them in third world countries. Tourists can change the lives of the inhabitants of the countries they visit. POLcast talks to a Polish Canadian whose life has also changed as a result of being involved in this amazing organization.

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