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OLA TURKIEWICZ – Composer, singer, songwriter, arranger. Ola is a practitioner of almost any genre, she is all music. Her compositions and voice demonstrate a superb mix of her classical roots, her knack for European folkish flavour, and her true passion for Jazz. Over the years this has resulted in a development of her own style called Hybrid Music.

(fot. Dorota Smolarek)

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MaggieHabiedaMAGGIE HABIEDA – one of Canada’s top classical portrait artists. “In the realm of photography Maggie Habieda is the equivalent of a rare Bugatti Royale” (http://topchoiceawards.com).
The owner of Fotografia Boutique, a premier portrait studio in Oakville, Ontario. Often called “Maggie the Magician”, she makes people fall in love with themselves by capturing their love, beauty and dreams.
Fotografia Boutique has been named Top Photography Studio of 2016 in Oakville.
Fotografia Boutique – http://www.fotografiaboutique.ca

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