Love for Polish cuisine – comfort food with multiple personalities (Episode 59)


This story is featured in Episode 59

Every episode of POLcast brings you a taste of Polish cuisine – those yummy recipes come from Laura and Peter Zeranski, authors of two cook books sold aound the world and a hugely popular blog.

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Married for over 40 years, Peter, Polish, and Laura, American, have been cooking together and trying out recipes inherited from Peter’s mother and grandmother.

Peter’s mother, Alina Zeranska, wrote The Art of Polish Cooking in 1968, which served as the foundation of the family’s love for Polish food. Laura married into the family in 1973 and learned to cook Polish dishes from her mother-in-law.  

Peter and Laura authored two very popular cookbooks: “Polish Classic Recipes” and “Polish Classic Desserts” (which won the Gourmand Award Winner – 2013 Best Eastern European Cookbook in the U.S.A.). They often travel with their cookbooks.

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Both books are available on their website

They have presented their wonderful Polish recipes and talked about Polish food in every episode of POLcast for over 2 years – the series is called “Smacznego! Eating Polish”. We encourage you to listen to those segments.

We featured Laura and Peter in Episode 13 over two years ago. Here is the story that accompanied that interview: Grandmothers’ recipes – a Polish-American couple’s passion (you can find the full version of our POLcast’s interview with Laura and Peter from 2016).

Some of Peter and Laura’s culinary creations:

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