A no-barrier approach to Polishness (Episode 70)


This story is featured in Episode 70

It’s fantastic that children of emigrants, Poles who settled in other countries such as Canada, even though they were often born and educated here, are interetsed in their roots, cultural heritage and want to incorporate their Polishness into their identity. There are a few Polish Canadian youth organizations, including the one and only Quo Vadis movement, which we have featured on POLcast. A Polish Canadian young professionals’ organization, whose launch we celebrated on POLcast last year – Konekt is a bit different from other such groups. It’s been growing and expanding.

To learn more about Konekt, you can read the story “Konekt – a new brand of polishness” from Episode 53 and listen to my interview with Konekt chair Louiza Szacon in Episode 53.

And thank you again, Konekt, for the wonderful award at your pre-Christmas event. 

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