Welcome to our award-winning podcast – POLcast, which in just two years of its operation:

Poland and Poles need good publicity now more than ever. And we provide it through POLcast.

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What is POLcast?

POLcast is the FIRST EVER English language podcast about Poland and Poles around the world. It’s a colourful audio magazine delivered directly to your computer, smartphone or tablet. If you have a Polish customer, colleague, girlfriend or grandmother – you will hear something that will help you to enrich these relations. Through POLcast you will learn fascinating things about Poland, its culture, customs, geography, history, contemporary issues, as well as all kinds of amazing things Poles around the world do and often surprising connections of the world with Poland. NO POLITICS! Each episode brings you interesting interviews, historical facts, trivia, music, and a lot more. We follow up and expand on each episode’s themes here, on mypolcast.com, giving you more info, links, photos, videos, etc. You can search by EPISODE or by STORY. Enjoy this new first of its kind project, and please tell others. Also, share with us your impressions, reactions, ideas, thoughts, suggestions by emailing us at contact@mypolcast.com