Cooking, teaching and singing – all in one (Episode 70)


This story is featured in Episode 70

I am introducing to you our new POLcast collaborator – Maria Rozynska and her Just Be Cooking. Maria will be collaborating with POLcast and will have her own segment in each episode. 

Originally from Warsaw, Maria Rozynska grew up in a Polish household observing her mother, grandmother and great grandmother create consistently yummy Easter European cuisine picking up generations of knowledge and recipes. They were the recipes worth talking about and ones Maria wanted to spread. Through her cultural cooking school Just Be Cooking, Maria now teaches people how to make traditional food, while inviting other chefs from different cultures to do the same in order to break down cultural barriers by uniting us through food and song.


Maria Rozynska created an innovative project in Toronto called Just Be Cooking – where people make food (not only Polish) under expert supervision, hear about its history and cultural signficance, listen to live music, and eat the food that they cooked in a communal meal. 

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