Becoming a gatherer – a healthy and econominal choice (Episode 29)


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Anna is a Toronto based homeopath, who runs a very successful holistic care centre – Wholistic Care Center. She is a graduate of the three year program from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine as well as a B.A. from York University with specialized honors in Kinesiology and Health Science.

She was the first Pole (a Canadian of Polish descent), and one of very few peeople, who cycled across Canada. She took the trip in 2015, cycling all the 7,500 km from the Atlantic to the Pacific

Apart from all the other goals she set for herself, Anna treated this trip as an opportunity to test, screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-9-52-43-pmphotograph and describe dozens of edible plants which she ate while cycling from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The result of her many years of interest in this issue and her experience during that unforgettable trip is the her recently published book “Wild and Edible Plants of Canada”:

Nature heals. Canada is the proverbial fountain of youth when it comes to its diversity of plants. During my cycling trip (Summer 2015) many species were familiar, but it was especially exciting to discover and fit into my diet so many plants I’d only known of from books. This book contains over 50 species from 11 provinces, some are unique and only found in a certain province, others are more common and can be found pretty much everywhere.” 


Anna’s walk with high school students

Interview with Anna Sienicka about her cycling trip across Canada

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