Across Canada on a bicycle


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Few people have done this, even fewer women. 7,200 km from the Pacific to the Atlantic on a bike takes incredible strength, perseverance and skill.

Anna Sienicka, a homeopath from Toronto, a holistic practitioner, author, lecturer, the founder of Toronto’s Wholistic Care Center and a Health Coach with expertise in Women’s Health, accomplished this! She says: “I made an 18-year-old dream of mine come true. I packed up my bike, my son and my parents and I cycled 7,200km across Canada.  Yes… from one coast to the other in less than three months!”

Her journey began on June 9th from Victoria, BC and finished on August 24th in Cape Spear, Newfoundland. She logged 100-150 km a day depending on the weather. She passed through all provinces, and close to 100 of towns and cities along the way. She took four ferries, passed 8 provincial parks, 7 national parks and crossed countless bridges. The elevation varied from as low as -451 m to +1678 m.

She experienced first hand the beauty of the second largest country in the world – our wonderful Canada. And it took her breath away!

You can read all about this incredible adventure on her website, where you will find her blog, lots of photos from each province, maps, etc. Anna ia a nature lover and is passionate about edible plants – so you can learn about what grows around us and what we can eat.

Anna says: “When I immigrated to Canada from Poland in 1996, one of my first thoughts was that I wanted to see the country on my bike. It’s taken a long time to make this journey a reality. Like most big ideas, it has meant a lot of work and some bumpy moments along the way, but it was worth it.”

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