Episode 66


In Episode 66 you will hear:


• A Pole’s ingenuity behind James Bond’s legendary Aston Martin car

James Bond would not have been such a hit without his legendary Aston Martin car. And interestingly, the car would not have existed had it not been for a Polsh engineer from Krakow Tadek Marek, who designed and built its engine. A group of filmmakers in Poland are working on a documentary film “Steel Heart” which will tell the story of this genius and his extraordinary life. Andrzej Ślązak is the film’s director who came up with the idea of the film and did all the research on Tadek Marek. 

• Researching translational medicine where you can bump into Zuckerberg, Gates and dozens of Nobel Prize laureates

What is it like to work at one of the top universities in the world – the famous Stanford University in California? Joanna Liliental is the associate director of The Translational Research and Applied Medicine (TRAM) Center in this “melting pot of cultures and brilliant minds, a unique incubator for Silicon Valley”.


• An American who died to save his Polish battle buddy

• Smacznego! Eating Polish – chicken leftovers Polish style

Music – POLcast’s surprise at the end of the episode.


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