A Pole’s ingenuity behind James Bond’s legendary Aston Martin car (Episode 66)


This story is featured in Episode 66

James Bond would not have been such a hit without his legendary Aston Martin DB5 car. And interestingly, the car would not have existed had it not been for a Polsh engineer from Krakow Tadek Marek, who designed and built its engine.

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Now a group of filmmakers in Poland are working on a documentary film “Steel Heart” which will tell the story of this genius and his extraordinary life. As they say Tadek Marek’s story is one that even James Bond might envy.

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“The documentary tells the story of the man who constructed the heart of James Bond’s legendary Aston Martin DB5. Tadek Marek was an engineer with unparalleled passion and expertise, but his life story is one that even 007 wouldn’t be embarrassed to call his own. We follow his life, full of dramatic turns – from the start of his budding career in Poland, to his daring feats in subsequent races in the world-renown Monte Carlo Rally, to escape from Poland during World War II, and finally work for Aston Martin; where as chief constructor, he built his masterpiece – the legendary DB-series engine. This a film about a man with amazing passion, undeniable energy and an unparalleled passion for life.”

(“Steel Heart” materials)

POLcast is talking to the director of “Steel Heart” Andrzej Ślązak.

Andrzej Ślązak is the film director who came up with the project idea and did all the research on Tadek Marek

A fundraising campaign has started to help fund the film. Video (in Polish)



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