Episode 65


In Episode 65 you will hear:


Murder, cover up and forced silence – the war was not over for Poles

Robert Więckiewicz as the last witness

Wanda Kościa talks to Piotr Szkopiak, British writer/director about his most recent film “The Last Witness”, a thriller about the Katyn 1940 monumental massacre, in itself a tragedy, but also about another tragic aspect of it – the cover up by the Allies, who didn’t want to reveal the Soviet guilt, ascribing it to the Germans. The film also shows the fate of Polish refugees after WWII who lived for years in displaced persons’ (DP) camps in Britain, unable to return to their motherland controlled by the communist Soviet Union after the war, and unable to openly talk about why they had to stay in Britain and what had happened.

• The future of money and information

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology – everybody talks about these hot terms but not everyone understands what they are all about. It’s all explained by Thomas Jankowski, the Chief Digital & Growth Officer at Coinsquare, Canada’s leading exchange for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies.


• Smacznego! Eating Polish – super apple recipes

Music – POLcast’s surprise at the end of the episode.



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