Episode 64


This is the first POLcast episode created and produced by Margaret P. Bonikowska alone.Please share your opinions here 🙂

In Episode 64 you will hear:


Polish language, literature and culture lovers at a North American university

Why is it that not only people with Polish roots but also people who have no Polish blood in them study Polish literature, culture and language in countries outside Poland such as Canada?

Prof. Łukasz Wodzynski

• The land of mosquitos and Poles in Ontario (Part 2)

Kaszuby, an area in northern Ontario, about 200 kilometres west of Ottawa, named after the part of northern Poland from which the first settlers came, is the site of the first Polish settlement in Canada. The Kashubian language and childhood memories…

A translator’s gift to English ­language readers 

Bill Johnston, a professor of Comparative Literature at Indiana University and an award winning prolific translator of Polish literature of all genres and epochs, did the unthinkable – translated the legendary Polish national epic “Pan Tadeusz” by Adam Mickiewicz (1834), in verse. “Pan Tadeusz: The Last Foray in Lithuania” was published by Achipelago Books in 2018. How did he do that?

Prof. Bill Johnston


• Smacznego! Eating Polish – super beet recipes

UPDATES – what’s new in the POLcast family? Recent achievements of POLcast interviewees.

Music – POLcast’s surprise at the end of the episode.


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