Episode 60


This is our special Christmas Episode so we would like to wish you


In this episode you will hear:


• Art helps people in a remote African village

For six years Ted Dawson has travelled every fall to rural Tanzania, an area next door to Kilimanjaro, to help local people build and modernize infrastructure. In November, for the first time, he took with him Ewa Henry, a Polish Canadian artist, who opened an art program there, empowering local youth and help them get some income.

Happy artists

A Polish pre-war story getting yet another life in California

What I really love is when fascinating stories grow by getting extensions and often new lives. Here is one such story. Ana Bayat, a multilingual actress from San Francisco, met and heard the music and the story of Canadian jazz musician Ron Davis at the Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival. It’s the story of how Ron, a child of Holocaust survivors, discovered that his mother Alicja was right about his grandfather’s pre-war past in Warsaw immortalized in a famous song “Bal na Gnojnej” a.k.a. “Bal u Grubego Jośka”. Now Ana is writing a play about Ron’s mother Alicja.

Money must not prevent anyone from experiencing the shows

Arthur Wachnik, actor, musician, singer, is the artistic director of an over 3000-seat venue – Christian Performing Arts Centre in Toronto. We talk about this great centre, its mission and its recent brand new show The Nativity Musical.

Great Poles – Janusz Korczak

Smacznego! Eating Polish  – yummy Christmas traditions





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