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Christmas is this special time when we think of others (or should do so), the time of giving and caring. Hence this story.

For six years Ted Dawson has travelled every fall to rural Tanzania, an area next door to Kilimanjaro, to help local people build and modernize infrastructure. In November, for the first time, he took with him Ewa Henry, a Polish Canadian artist, always ready to help others through various help campaigns and initiatives. Ewa is always there when someone needs help. 

Ewa Henry and Visions

They both organized and Ewa ran a two-week art course in “Ted’s” remote village of Chkereni in Tanzania which empowered the local youth and will be continuef throughout the year, until they go there again in the fall of 2019.

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From Ted’s Facebook:

At the Imani school we completed the solar water pump project thanks to so much amazing support from family, friends and CACHA supporters. Thank you! And I also jump started a large egg layer barn project working with local tradesmen and labour. (Another post to come on these projects!). But the real reason I go to Tanzania every year is for the people I am surrounded by everyday while I am there…From the students, staff and Sisters at the school to the people in the local village I pass (and who yell, wave and smile) every day on the roads, and to my friends in and around Chekereni and Moshi. And now sharing this with Ewa has been amazing.

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From Ewa’s Facebook:

I can’t stress enough how grateful we are for the donations from many of you. Ted and I will work very hard to keep this program going throughout the upcoming year until we are back next year. There is so much passion and talent in this group. But, as Napoleon said ‘to make art you need three things: money, money and money’ (except he wasn’t talking about art, but you get the point), so we will try to get funding for continuing the art classes for the Chekereni youth.
Here a few photos from the morning class. We had some visitors today from the near by elementary school. Three girls walked in, one of them announced: I want to paint. We invited them in, and tomorrow we will hold an additional class for some of the younger school children.

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Please help, donate, support:

Imani Vocational Training Centre

The Canada-Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA)


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