White and red hearts from Chicago (Episode 56)


This story is featured in Episode 56

Exactly a year ago in Episode 18 (Young Canadian experts on Polandwe talked about the first ever multi-stage contest (Olimpiada Wiedzy o Polsce) where elementary and high school students of Polish language schools in Canada and the US were tested on and competed in their knowledge about Poland – its history, geography, culture, traditions (and this year also sports) – all in Polish. This year the Polish Language Teachers Association of Canada organized the contest again.

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I had the pleasure of attending its Jeopardy-style finals in Mississauga. There were three-member elementary school and high school teams who participated in the finals.

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One of the teams came all the way from Chicago – they are students at the Polish Holy Trinity School, one of 47 Polish Saturday schools operating in Chicago and Illinois. They were the best in semi-finals and they came to Toronto with their school principal Maria Baran, their teacher Anetta Sokołowska and their parents. 

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