Young Canadian experts on Poland (Episode 18)


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It’s impressive when Canadian born children of Polish parents (both or just one) speak Polish but there are some who not only know the language but are passionate about Poland and know about it as much as their peers who live there.

This year the Polish Language Teachers Association of Canada organized the first ever multi-stage contest (Olympiada Wiedzy o Polsce) where elementary and high school students of Polish language schools in Canada and the US competed in their knowledge about Poland – its history, geography, culture, traditions.

In the Jeopardy-style finals, the winners in the elementary school age group were Monika Grzywa, David Czechowski and Adrian Pańszczyk from a Saturday school called Szkolny Punkt Konsultacyjny in Toronto.

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Monika Grzywa, David Czechowski and Adrian Pańszczyk after the victory:

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An article about the event in Polish in “Gazeta”


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