Helping the talented Polish teenagers study abroad (Episode 55)


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On POLcast we have featured two amazing dynamic Poles who make things happen like few others. Since the time we first met they have become good friends and collaborators. Grzegorz Nawrocki, a journalist and sought-after host of big events is the president of the British Alumni Society, and Jolanta Kulik runs the Young Talent Management. The goal of this special team is to activate young talented Poles, involve them in interesting initiatives to help them get admitted as students to top mostly British universities.

There is a third link in this chain – Marzena Reich, whom I had briefly met last year n Warsaw and this time had a chance to get to know more. Marzena Reich helps to place Polish teenagers in prestigious British boarding schools, which is also very useful if they want to continue their education in British universities. The trio work with our young POLcast collaborators GreatPoles, whom we promote on POLcast and who present a segment in each of our episodes. 

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