Episode 55


This is a special episode of POLcast, recorded during Margaret’s visit to Poland in June, where she received the prestigious journalistic Maciej Plazynski Award for her work on POLcast. POLcast awards.

Margaret accepting the Maciej Plazynski award at the Gdynia’s Museum of Emigration gala

In this episode you will hear:


• And the M. Plazynski award for POLcast was granted by….

Jarosław Włodarczyk is the president of the Press Club Polska, which is the founder of the annual Maciej Płażyński award together with Jakub Plazynski, a son of the late Maciej Plazynski. This year’s award in the category of “Journalist of a Polish diaspora medium” was granted to Margaret P. Bonikowska for her work on POLcast.

Jarosław Włodarczyk at the award gala in Gdynia’s Museum of Emigration

The inspiring time at the steering wheel

Jeremy Wallace is the charge d’affaires at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw, now the acting chief diplomat there until the arrival of the new Canadian ambassador.

Margaret interviewing Jeremy Wallace at the Embassy

Helping the talented Polish teenagers study abroad

Marzena Reich helps to place Polish teenagers in prestigious British boarding schools.

Marzena Reich

• The freedom that comes at a price

Two Muslim students from Turkey talked about their experience of Poland.

• “The best Canadian thriller of 2018”? 

Rafal Sokolowski talks about his feature directorial debut “22 Chaser” which opened on Friday June 6, at the Carlton Cinemas in Toronto. Review

Rafal Sokolowski at his film premiere, Carlton Cinemas

Also in this episode:

  • Some sounds of Warsaw:

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  • Great Poles –  the team of POLcast’s collaborators talk about themselves

After Margaret’s meeting with the Great Poles team – 1st left Basia Kargul, the Great Poles boss and 1st right – Jolanta Kulik, their guide, head of the Young Talent Management

• The song at the end of Epsode 55 was recorded at the Music Theatre in Gdynia during the show “Poczekalnia” after the award gala:

Jacek Kaczmarski (1957-2004)



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