Skydiving to help others (Episode 43)


Featured in Episode 43.

Tomasz Kozłowski is a psychologist by profession, and his life passion is extreme sports – mainly skydiving, but he was involved in many dangerous activities such as mountain rescues. Those are not so distant from his work, where he deals with other people’s fears, risk-taking and decision making.

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His most daring feat was a  record-high skydive jump from the stratosphere (10,735 m), first such accomplishment of a Polish team of skydivers who set an unofficial world record and three official European records.

This experience resulted in his book “The History of a Thousand Fears”, “a book about fears”, “an extreme transcript of the continuous overcoming of our own limits and difficulties while leaving our “comfort zone”.

Tomasz is now preparing for a new feat – Project 48. On his 48th birthday he will do 48 jumps and each will be sponsored to help someone in need – sick, living in poverty, facing challenges. Every penny matters.

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