Non-Poles About Poles – a new POLcast series (ongoing)


This is our new series which begins from Episode 29.

Listen to these stories and share your comments – tell us what you think of Poles you have met, or, if you are Polish, what in your opinion Polish people are like. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

These are the people and stories that we feature in this series (each week we will add a ne one to the list):

  1. Johannes, who is German, is married to Magda, a Pole born in Poland. They have been married for 12 years and live in Canada. Episode 29.
  2. Rachel, who is Canadian, dates Robert, a Canadian born and raised in a Polish immigrants’ family, speaking Polish at home. Episode 30.



O Autorze:

POLcast is an English language podcast, a colourful audio magazine delivered directly to your smartphone, computer or tablet. POLcast is created for everybody interested in Poland. If you have a Polish customer, colleague, girlfriend or grandmother - you will hear something helping you to enrich these relations. Each episode brings you interesting interviews, historical facts, trivia and more.


  1. Elizabeth Gardner on

    I loved both interviews about how partners of Poles see Poles. I had a Polish boyfriend for quite a while and it always felt like he was arguing with other Poles whe I heard them speak Polish. It’s in the tone of their voices, quite amusing. A bit like listening to Italians, except that with italian I can figure out what they may be talking about because I know French. I like Poles – people with big hearts and interesting history. And the food is good 🙂

  2. Anthony Thomas on

    It was interesting that both Johannes and Rachel spoke about Poles being proud people. That’s my experience as well – I’ve visited Poland on business in the last three years about three four times a year and have had a lot of contacts with Poles. I would also add that they are terribly political – most conversations quickly turn into politocal discussions. That is a bit tiring. Your POLcast is very very interesting ans useful for people like me. Thank you and keep up the good work.