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Martha Hall Kelly

There are stories that need to be told. This is one of them – of New York socialite and philanthropist Caroline Ferriday.

In 1959, during Cold War, 14 years after World War II, Caroline Ferriday managed to achieve the unthinkable: she got a group of 35 Polish women from behind the Iron Curtain to travel to the US so that they could undergo treatment for horrifying wounds which they had suffered during the war as prisoners of Hitler’s only all-female concentration camp – Ravensbrück, where doctors, including the only woman surgeon Herta Oberheuser, subjected them to cruel medical experiments. Few survived.

Martha Kelly discovered the long forgotten story when visiting Caroline Ferriday’s Connecticut house turned into a museum. After 10 years of research, her bestselling novel “Lilac Girls” was published.

The book has been translated into Polish and will be soon published in Poland by Prószynski and S-ka.

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Horrors that went on at the camp and after its Soviet liberation



The Rabbits in the US

The Rabbits in the US

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Martha Hall Kelly

Martha Hall Kelly


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