Episode 75


In Episode 75 you will hear:


• Students connect in a coast-to-coast event

Quo Vadis Conferences Canada and the Polish Students’ Association (PSA) at the University of Toronto have teamed up to co-host an online conference just for students!

POLcast is happy to be the event’s media patron.

POLcast talks to with Sophia Orfanakos (PSA’s president) and Ericsson Sing (PSA’s vice-president).

• Grammy Award nominee’s passion for jazz

In February I conducted this carefree – pre-COVID-19 – interview with Kinga Heming, an amazing Polish Canadian jazz singer, who was born in Poland, moved to Ottawa when she was five and now resides in the small town of Kelowna in the Canadian province of British Columbia. I had just seen (and loved) her performance at the Kabaret pod Banką’s annual Kabareton (Cabaret Night) but most of all – she had been nominated for coveted Grammy Award.





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