Episode 72 – POLcast on COVID-19


Who would have thought just an month ago, when I was getting your Episode 71 ready, that the next one will be produced in a totally different world and therefore will not contain its regular segments. A while back Maria Rozanska from Just Be Cooking and I recorded a conversation about Polish Easter traditions – which are all about being together, having the Easter basket blessed in church, sharing hard boiled eggs with family members and relatives the same way we share oplatek (the wafer) before Christmas Eve dinner. None of this is going to happen this year. It will be the first solitary Easter with the closest family members only. In so many households people will be alone, isolated by the virus that has changed the world we live in in a way that none of us has ever experienced before. 

I believe in knowledge, awareness and science. So much false information is spread everywhere and we should not be passing it on. That’s why for the duration of the pandemic, I will be presenting to you various experts and practitioners working tirelessly to beat the virus in many different ways.

It’s a time of emergency and nothing is normal. Neither is POLcast – it has now been transformed to COVID-19 themed podcast and will be released more frequently that once a month – every two (or three) weeks, depending on how much strength I will have to produce it. 

In Episode 72 you will hear one interview only:

Facts and myths about COVID-19 and how we can all beat it

This is a conversation with Dr. Rafal Kustra, Associate Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.







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