A true hero who risked his life to save others (Episode 67)


This story is featured in Episode 67 (please listen!)

This was three years ago, in 2016. My good friend Eli Rubenstein, a Holocaust educator, writer and filmmaker, the religious leader of Congregation Habonim, a Toronto synagogue founded by Holocaust survivors, Canadian director of the March of the Living and creator of March of Remembrance and Hope, with whom I have worked on a number of projects and who was featured in two episodes of POLcast (Episode 14 and Episode 15), called me to ask if I would interview a special person – the last Righteous among the Nations in Canada. Mr Franciszej Paslawski, then 94, saved three Jewish women during the war, risking his life and the lives of his family members.

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Eli and I with the camera crew visited Mr Palawski and it was a moving afternoon of memories. In the interview I heard how it all happened. Then this and other footage was made into a documentary “Without A Doubt” directed and produced by Eli Rubenstein of which I had great honour of being an associate producer and translator.

Mr. Pasławski telling his story in “Without a Doubt”

Mr. Paslawski passed away in his sleep on September 20 this year 2019 in Canada.

This POLcast segment is in his honour – to tell our listeners his story and let them listen to the memories of those who owe him their lives as well as the lives of their children and grandchildren.

The children of one of the Jewish women Mr. Paslawski saved

May you rest in peace, the true and unforgettable hero, Mr Franciszek Paslawski. It was a great honour to know you and to hear as well as help tell your story.

The event celebrating the Righteous Among the Nations at the Congregation Habonim in Toronto, on March 17, 2016, where Mr. Paslawski was the guest of honour:

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In Polish:

Bohater, który uratował świat

Film o bohaterze (który właśnie zmarł)

Wieczór Sprawiedliwych-bohaterów i ich ocalonych



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