Polish(ed ice) – curling in Poland (Episode 63)


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In one of our recent episodes you heard a story of Kannuk Vodka. Adam, who couldn’t buy vodka he liked in Canada decided to start producing one. But what if your passion is a sport requiring a specialized facility. Like… speed skating, ski jumping, diving from a 10 m tall tower. Or curling…

Adela Walczak lives in Poland, a country without any curling traditions and without any curling facilities. Until now, because Adela decided to build a world class curling club in her home town Łódź in the centre of Poland.

Curling Łódź is the first such facility in Poland. Half of its 16,000 sq. ft is used for curling. It takes 50 thousand litres of specially treated water and seven days of work to prepare the surface at the beginning of each season.

It took 15 months to build the centre and dealing with countless obstacles from finding a designer and builder with necessary experience to neighbours who didn’t want screaming curlers in their neighborhood.

Listen to Adela talking about her passion for curling and her determination. You will hear a sense of accomplishment is her voice and hope for the future.

The club is open for its first season, fully functional and hosting international events. It is a world class curling facility, but don’t take our word for it, listen to Nick from Edmonton, whom I met there playing for a team from Spain.

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