Basia’s love line (Episode 62)


This story is featured in Episode 62

I am so lucky to live in the country, just next door to a picturesque Ontario town with the population of 30,000. Orangeville has many interesting and unique features and I love digging into its colourful stories. And recently, while looking at a local Facebook group, I saw something that caught my attention. A photo of a line between two trees in front of a house, with many winter clothes hanging on it on hangers and a message from its owner:

This appeal to people to just come and take whatever they may need for free melted me heart.

And then I noticed the name – Basia, clearly a Polish name. I called immediately and heard an enthusiastic voice who confirmed that yes, of course, she was Polish.

A few days later I went to visit Basia Podkowiński and see the line.

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I spoke to Basia and her daughter Shannon in their cosy living room. Colourful scarves, winter hats and yarn were everywhere – on the chairs, coffee table and on the sofa covered with a characteristic Polish quilt.

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