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Nothing ever makes us at POLcast happier than presenting to you young super gifted Poles who do things that few people have done before, who do that in Poland but reach out to the world. Youth, talent and innovation – vision and passion. We have presented many stories of truly inspirational young people.

Witold Kowalczyk and Przemyslaw Chojecki are the founders of Bohr Technology Inc.(BOHR) and the brains behind this innovative startup company.

Przemysław Chojecki and Witold Kowalczyk

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BOHR works on creative ideas behind the new revolutionary quantum computers, which in the next 5 years will probably start replacing classic computers for the purpose of solving optimisation problems.

A quantum computer

BOHR is now entering the North America market, after which they plan to expand to many other countries including Israel, Singapore, China. Hence this page on their website:

BOHR works on quantum machine learning algorithms and software for solving complex optimization problems across various industries, such as mobility, transportation, energy, finance, insurance and manufacturing. It brings together a group of leading quantum programming, quantum physics and AI/Machine Learning specialists to work on industry altering quantum optimisation applications.

Quantum computers offer a lot of potential for optimising numerous processes in many industries, such as:

  • Transportation: route planning, scheduling, fleet management
  • Cities: traffic flow optimisation, city infrastructure optimisation
  • Automotive: improving car GPS’, simulating autonomous car algorithms
  • Manufacturing: optimizing factory workflow
  • Energy: energy pricing optimization
  • Finance: portfolio optimization
  • Aeronautics: aircraft design procedures


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