The money is on the road – a study of immorality (Episode 56)


This story is featured in Episode 56

In our last episode 55 I spoke with Polish Canadian filmmaker – Rafal Sokolowski, an award-winning film and theatre director whose short films have been shown worldwide. We talked about “22 Chaser” starring Brian J. Smith, his feature debut, which premiered in Toronto on the weekend we released that episode.

I attended the opening night and found the movie very well made, superbly acted, gripping and powerful. I did have a problem with its ending though – unable to make a living in a decent way, Ben, the main character, a tow truck driver, gets sucked into the corrupt and violent world of ruthless crash chasers, a risky move which assures financial security for him, his wife and his young son, but… the evil wins… 

I talk to Rafal about this.

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The screenings – in the spring and the premiere at the Carlton Cinemas:

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Review: 22 Chaser


22 Chaser is an ‘urban western’ staged in Toronto’s underbelly

Review: 22 Chaser

Malgorzata P. Bonikowska’s interview with Rafał in Polish

Our interview on Skype



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