How I reconnected with my Polishness (Episode 49)


This story is featured in Episode 49

Quo Vadis in Latin means “where are you going?”. It is the title of an 1896 iconic historical novel by one of the most famous Polish writers Henryk Sienkiewicz, which contributed to his Nobel Prize for literature in 1905. Young Polish Canadians have adopted this phrase as the title of their conferences. There have been already 12 Quo Vadis conferences, the latest one in Burlington outside Toronto on October 13 and 14, 2017.

We present a continuation of a story we featured in our last Episode 48, when we shared with you the ideas and goals of the young Polonia – Canadians of Polish descent, young professionals, who have created and are continuing a movement called Quo Vadis? POLcast talks to another young Polish Canadian involved in the movement and in organizing those conferences – Louiza Szacon to hear her take on “Polishness”.

Louiza Szacon (in the middle) participating in the panel at Quo Vadis 2017


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