A Life Changing Polish-Cuban-Canadian Christmas Story (Episode 38)


This story was featured in: Episode 38

Some situations in life are so unbelievable that they sound like taken straight from a movie. And if they really were to inspire a screenplay, people would probably comment on such a movie by saying in a dismissive way: come on, things like this don’t happen in real life.

Well, this one did. The main character in the story is Andrzej Rozbicki, a well-known Toronto conductor, music teacher, and concert organizer. In Episode One of our POLcast we talked to his students who shared their impressions after visiting Europe on the Music and History high-school program which he created. This time, however, Andrzej Rozbicki turned into an investigator and the results are truly amazing…

These are some of the photos of the Cuban father and his Polish daughter, who have just found each other thanks to a number of unbelievable coincidences and Andrzej Rozbicki’s persistence and determination.

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