Poles – treasure hunters, as shown by a BBC film (Episode 30)


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Wanda Kościa

Thanks to a recent BBC film we learn that there is an area of Poland which is particularly prone to treasure hunting. Local inhabitants do search for treasures and often find some. The one that motivated the filmmakers to make this film was pretty special – a train full of gold, which allegedly had been hidden in the mountains in the area known as Lower Silesia by the Nazis.

The BBC film “Hunting the Nazi Gold Train” was directed by Wanda Koscia.

Wanda Koscia is a London-based Polish-born director, producer and award winning documentary filmmaker, who has produced dozens of high-end, award winning, television series and single documentaries for the BBC, UK Channel Four and Discovery on a range of topics relating to recent history. 

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Photos courtesy of the producers of “Hunting the Nazi Gold Train”

The Nazi gold train

New York Times “Hunt for Nazi Gold Train Digs Up Nothing but Dirt”

The Książ Castle





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