Warsaw music scene in a Canadian musician’s eyes (Episode 20)


This story was featured in: Episode 20

Ariel Bialski aka Heights Beats

Ariel is a 31-year-old Toronto DJ, drummer, piano player, composer, music producer, actor, comedian, who has released three albums. His beats made it to a Juno award-winning hip hop album in Canada.

He has composed music for commercials, film and TED Talks.

He is currently living and working in Poland, where he is a highly successful and popular DJ and musician.

Ariel produces his own podcast Heights Beats: The Podcast

Ariel’s website


The album that sounds like 1,000 bucks

Ariel told us a lot of interesting (and frankly surprising) things about how he sees the differences between Warsaw and Toronto – we will be playing those observations in our next episodes of Polcast.


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