Five languages a year – Moses the Polyglot learns Polish (Episode 19)


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We posted one of his YouTube videos on our Facebook Page and this is how we found him, a most amazing polyglot, currently mastering Polish.

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Moses McMormick is from Columbus, Ohio, and has an extensive history of formal and intensive home study of a myriad of languages.

Already versed in Chinese and Japanese through private work in high school, upon arriving at the Ohio State University he majored in Chinese at the same time taking as many as five different foreign language classes per quarter.

After a few weeks of study on this own, he would find himself at a level that most university students wouldn’t be at until months or even a year later.

He has developed his own FLR system to rapidly learn a great number of languages. After being hired by OSU to tutor an athlete in Zulu, he received high praise from staff and was asked to also begin tutoring Swahili, Russian and Italian.

In 2008, he began his private tutoring business in the Columbus. Also in 2008, McMormick began using YouTube to record himself speaking dozens of languages to meet and get feedback from native speakers all across the world. He started getting many questions from other curious learners, and he began making videos explaining his techniques and answering specific queries, all the while meeting dozens of native speakers and impressing language experts.

Today, Moses has studied reading and speaking more than 50 langauges, and confidently speaks more than a dozen. Because the need to learn is the driving force in his life, he studies and reaches an intermediate level in four new languages per year.

He is married to a native Chinese from Taiwan, and at their first meeting he delighted her by conversing in Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

For the last four months he has been studying Polish and plans to devote one year to it.

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