The Invincible Generation – Alicja Edwards (Episode 13)


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Alicja Edwards, of Eureka, Montana, is a painter, author, antique dealer, and a pianist.

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She was born and grew up in a small town in Eastern Poland until the age of sixteen. In 1939 Germans declared war, Poland was occupied by the Soviets and she and her family were sent to Kazakhstan into forced labor for three agonizing years. After being liberated and transported to Iran, Alicja met her Army husband, Lt. Ernest E. Edwards, and came to the United States as a war bride.

After traveling the world as an “army wife” she settled in Midlothian, Illinois, to raise a family until the death of her beloved husband of fifty years. The her son Chris, a Vietnam veteran, retired architect and Native American enthusiast, convinced her to move to where he lives with his family – Eureka, Montana.

Alicja authored two books about her life:


And God Was Our Witness

They Called Us D.P.s

Alicja’s website:

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