A book and an album connect two improvisation virtuosos (Episode 10)


This story was featured in: Episode 10

Adam Makowicz is a true master of jazz improvisation. In this episode he talks about the art of improvisation and what he as a jazz musician learned from the best classical composers and pianists.

In part 2 of our segment we meet Polish Canadian classical violinist Joanna Makowicz (Adam’s wife, and the reason why he lives part time in New York and in Toronto).

She talks about the book “400 Years of Polish Immigrants in America 1608-2008” by Mariusz M. Brymora and Radoslaw Sikorski.

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Among the famous Poles in America presented in this book, there are three who later became connected through a music project:

IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI (1860 – 1941), a Polish pianist and composer, politician, and spokesman for Polish independence, first prime minister of independent Poland after World War I


RYSZARD HOROWITZ, a Polish photographer living and working in New York.

These three famous Poles got reconnected through the Brillante – The Adam Makowicz Chopin Project – Adam Makowicz & Ignacy Jan Paderewski. On this album released on Jan 1, 2011 there are five compositions by Chopin played first by Ignacy Jan Paderewski and then by Adam Makowicz, each improvising in his own style. The album cover was designed by Ryszard Horowitz.

The cover designed by Ryszard Horowitz

The cover designed by Ryszard Horowitz

Adam Makowicz playing for the album

Adam Makowicz playing for the album


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