Why do I do it? Because I love him! (Episode 8)


This story was featured in: Episode 8

Why do many adult Canadians devote hours of their after work time to study the Polish language? There are many different reasons. One of the women-students said, talking about her Polish husband: “Why do I do it? Because I love him!”

I met two groups of such students who take evening courses in Polish run by Iwona Malinowski, a passionate teacher with many years of teaching experience both in Canada and in Poland, the President of the Polish Teachers Association in Canada and a highly respected member of the Canadian Polish community. I sat in her class, saw her teach and also had great fun talking to Iwona’s students, listening to each unique story.

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In this episode you will hear my interview with Iwona about her school and her students.

Because the students’ stories were all very interesting, we have decided to let you listen to them one by one, in the following episodes of POLcast (the first one is coming in Episode 10).

Here’s my full interview with Iwona:

Iwona Malinowski’s school: http://www.polishlanguageschool.ca/index.html

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