Polish Easter (Episode 73)


This story is featured in Episode 73

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday – we are going to spend it in ways that no-one has ever experienced before…

At the beginnig of March, long before we realized the full scope of what was going on around us, I recorded a conversation with Maria Różanska of Just Be Cooking about Polish Easter traditions, which are all about being together, having the easter basket blessed in church, sharing hard boiled eggs with family members and relatives the same way we share oplatek (the wafer) before Christmas Eve dinner. None of this is going to happen this year the way it normally does. But – I thought I will let you listen to this interview – so that you can learn about Polish Easter traditions, some of which we will try to keep during our first solitary Easter which we will spend only with our closest family members. Some of those traditions will also be observed in many households where people will be alone. Maria talks about Polish Easter as it has always been, for years, and as we hope we will experience it every time after this year…

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