The world’s largest orchestra “plays” for sick kids (Episode 61)


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Since 1993 the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, a non-governmental charity in Poland, has been working tirelessly with one goal in mind “Health Protection and Saving Children’s Lives through Providing Medical Equipment to Public Hospitals”. It was created by Jurek Owsiak and has millions of followers all over the world.

This year for the 27th time, this huge annual campaign involving hundreds of thousands of volunteers, raised money in Poland and in other countries, including Canada, where it started in 2004.

All this money goes into purchasing state of the art medical equipment for Polish hospitals, mostly for pediatric and geriatric care wards. The Orchestra “plays” through thousands of events, auctions, and all kinds of unconventional fundraising ideas.

This mass movement involves people from all walks of life – artists, intellectuals, politicians, sponsors, private and corporate donors and most importantly – youth and kids. The fundraising efforts end on the second Sunday of January with a huge Finale in the form of televised auctions, sporting events and spectacular concerts with fireworks.

In Episode 61 we talk about this year’s grand finale concert in Mississauga.

Fundraising before the concert:

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The concert:

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Poland reacts to President of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz’s murder:

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More on WOŚP (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy) and Jurek Owsiak – in English

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