If you cannot buy it – make it yourself: a story of Kannuk vodka (Episode 61)


This story is featured in Episode 61

Imagine that you go to a store and want to buy something special as a gift – well, you cannot because it’s simply not available. 99.9 per cent of people would simply leave saying: “Too bad. I wish they produced it” and go buy something else. But not Adam – his reaction in this kind of situation was very different.

There are three of them (actually the fourth little one was recently born): Patricia Szymkow is the president of the company, Adam Szymkow is the founder and distiller and their young daughter Mila is… a future master distiller. The Szymkow family make an amazing premium vodka called Kannuk.

It’s vodka with a mission. On their website, we read: “Ever since Canada welcomed the first explorers, and up until the latest newcomers, Canada has been a land of welcome and peace.  The desire to develop a better life together is an essential value in our country.  We created Kannuk vodka to embrace elements of Canada’s multiculturalism.”

Also, parts of the proceeds go planting trees, art scholarships, and mental health.

LCBO’s description:

Kannuk vodka is distilled from ingredients chosen to represent Canada’s diversity – corn, wheat, sweet potato and wild rice. Kannuk has subtle aromas of citrus, berry and wheat, and a soft and creamy mouthfeel, with flavours of sweet grain, white pepper, coconut and citrus. The finish is sweet and very smooth.

Kannuk vodka website


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