Poppies on Canadian graves in Poland (Episode 47)


This story is featured in Episode 47

Many episodes ago we presented to you stories of Canadians who embarked on a task to learn Polish at a night language school which I had visited.

One of them was a most enthusiastic fan of Poland Nancy Campbell. She visits Poland regularly and has even purchased an apartment in Krakow. In January she initiated an international collaboration between an elementary school in Poland and an organization out of Edmonton called No Stone Left Alone. On Sept. 1 Nancy attended an event in Krakow, which was the result of this unique partnership between Poland and Canada.

Nancy Campbell with her father in Kraków – it was his first visit but he wants to return to Poland

No Stone Left Alone is a Canadian organization whose goal is to have students place a poppy on every Canadian soldier’s grave for Remembrance Day and remember them all.

There is a military Cemetery in Krakow – Rakowicki Cemetery, in which 15 Canadian soldiers are buried and Krakow’s Elementary School #58 decided to honour these soldiers.

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The celebration of this first ever Canadian / European collaboration was held on September 1, 2017, during Canada’s 150th celebrations. Read here about the Polish celebration.


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