An eye-opening experience of the world of the blind (Episode 46)


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A few years ago, when caring for my elderly mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, I participated in an amazing workshop organized by the Alzheimer’s Society where all of us – caregivers, were given a chance to feel like our loved ones who we cared for. We were almost literally put in their shoes. It was an unforgettable experience.

Maybe this is why when I was in Warsaw two years ago and saw a place called the “Invisible Exhibition” in Aleje Jerozolimskie Street, I didn’t think twice and went through the experience. And the experience is truly unique – you enter a maze of completely dark rooms and start your unique interactive journey into the invisible world of the blind, where you can experience how it is to cope in everyday situations without the help of sight – only by the sense of hearing, smell, balance…

Of course you go there with a guide. All the nearly 20 guides there are blind or visually impaired. One of them is Monika Dubiel, an amazingly ambitious young woman, finishing her studies and planning her PhD, a traveller and athlete.

Monika Dubiel

As we read online:

Imagine that all of the lights go completely out…

Invisible Exhibition is a unique interactive journey into the invisible world, where you can try out, how to cope in everyday situations without the help of sight – only by the sense of hearing, smell, balance… Exercise your senses! Trust us in the dark!

At the exhibition, our guides – blind or visually impaired – will guide you on a journey that will change your life.

Interesting? Strange? Alien? Or maybe natural? Do one hour of being blind may open your eyes?

Invisible Exhibition in Budapest, operating since 2007 and has since been visited by several hundred thousand people. Hoping for similar success, in 2011 opened in Prague, Czech her sister Neviditelná Vystava, which became the single most popular tourist destination of Prague.

At the exhibition our visitors acquire information through touch, hearing and smell, and sense of balance. This way they can in the new situation, in the absence of vision, to know not only the difficulties faced by blind people, but they also have held that even in the darkness of the world can be beautiful and full. The world smells and sounds in the exhibition creates our official Partner – Mood Media. The company is a leading provider of sensorial marketing solutions for business, which has extensive experience and broad base of professionals.

Invisible Exhibition wants to bring the world to himself sighted and blind, and through positive experiences teach us how we can help them and how to understand them. Under the protection of blind guides visit a specially-equipped and quite dark room. We will show you various real-life places. Amazing composition sounds and smells will make you forget that you’re on the show … You will experience how to navigate the urban hustle, how to pay for coffee at the bar, how to move around the house in total darkness, and more …

Have you already seen talking watch? Braille typewriter? Do you know what is tyflographics? We will show you the items and tools that blind people use every day.

Let me show you how to change the world around you, and how it is changing!

Groups depart every 15 minutes, at any time, you can book a room for 8 people. Please, come to the place 15 minutes before you had time to receive a ticket and listen to all the necessary information

Everything here is exceptional!

For the journey into the world of Invisible Exhibition, prepare a bit more than one hour! About 15 minutes in the visible and about 60 minutes to an invisible trip. Time can depend on age and turnout of the group.

Good advice! Wear comfortable shoes!

The program is also intended for children from 8 years old!

Invisible Exhibition Warsaw – Trust us in the dark!

If you need an English speaking Guide, it’s not a problem – just let us know!


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