Episode 39


In this episode you will hear:


Terry Tegnazian – an American of Armenian descent, whose fascination with Poland’s WWII history and experiences led to the establishment of an independent publishing house Aquila Polonia, which specializes in high-quality books about Polish WWII history.

Michal Kielbasinski – a Polish adventure racer and ultra runner, who has started his RUNDOG challenge – a 1000-mile run along the Yukon Quest trail from Whitehores, Yukon, to Fairbanks, Alaska, to raise money for dogs in shelters in Poland.

Sol Nayman, a Holocaust survivor from Toronto, who visited Poland for the first time since his family’s deportation to the Soviet Union 75 years ago. He went there with his grandson on the March of the Living.

Also in this episode:

• Black cats, ladders and other Polish superstitions
• Was Christopher Columbus Polish?
• “Smacznego! Eating Polish” – delicious faworki to celebrate the end of Karnawał.




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  1. Ola Turkiewicz on

    But there still are chimney sweeps in Poland! I do actually see them quiet often here, in Warsaw 😀 There is also this one superstition: never put the bread upside down. If you do – there will be a fight in the house. 😉