Episode 32


In this episode you will hear:


• Gabriela Maj, a Canadian Polish photographer in Dubai, talks about 5-year work on her critically acclaimed “Almond Garden” showing women’s prisons in Afghanistan

• “Żegota” – Council for Aid to Jews, the only such organization in German occupied Europe – a panel discussion at the University of Toronto

Also in this episode:

• Non-Poles about Poles – how it is to live with a Pole

• Notorious Poles

• Wladyslaw Szpilman, the hero of “The Pianist”, created the Sopot Festival, where international singers had to perform a Polish song each



O Autorze:

POLcast is an English language podcast, a colourful audio magazine delivered directly to your smartphone, computer or tablet. POLcast is created for everybody interested in Poland. If you have a Polish customer, colleague, girlfriend or grandmother - you will hear something helping you to enrich these relations. Each episode brings you interesting interviews, historical facts, trivia and more.

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  1. POLCAST, pomysl niezly, ktorego nie slucham poniewaz odrzuca mnie wspep: pytanie “what do you know about Poland?’ Zaklopotany pytany odpowiada: “not too much.” nastepnie pytajaca: “what about Polish sausages.” To wlasnie wrecz debilowate pytanie mnie natychmiast hamuje, poniewaz pytajaca w pseudoliterackiej formie pyta: “did you here about ….. Pollacks? Ten glupawy wstep do kazdego epizodu POLSTAT trzeba koniecznie zmzienic.