Mountain climbing – it’s not about the peak (Episode 28)


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Jacek Siwek

Jacek lives in Toronto. This is what he says about his passion – mountain climbing:

People always ask me “Why do you climb?”
Everyone has their own reasons to go to the top.  This sport is not about winning against someone else or being better than the next guy.  Once we are there, we are all on the same team.  Sure, the experience is extraordinary when you look around you and connect to nature in a way you can’t describe by words to anyone, but as for me, I use climbing as a metaphor for life.  It’s not where I climbed or how high the peak is, that matters as much as how this journey will shape my character.  It’s always about going beyond what you think you can do and when you get back down, all other problems that used to be so big all of a sudden become very small.  It gives me perspective on life what truly matters: beauty around us and most of all, appreciation to our Creator who made it all.  I sometimes joke to people that there is no wi-fi where I go but I always find a great connection.  At the end of our lives, we will not remember everything we did, we will only remember moments of it – the moments that shaped us into who we are.  Standing on top of a mountain is one of those moments that will never be forgotten and it will shape you each and every time.

Some photos from Jacek Siwek’s trips:

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  1. Dorota Filaciuk on

    I exactly know what you talking about. I miss this feeling and I miss mountains and climbing.