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Anna Cyzon (her original Polish name is the unpronounceable CZYSZCZOŃ) was born in Poland and came to Canada with her family when she was 6. She has been singing since she was a little girl performing with her parents’ highlanders’ (górale) ensemble in Toronto. Now, two decades later she is a mature singer, with her signature smoky pop voice and animated stage presence. Former Top 20 Canadian Idol finalist and MTV host, she represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest placing 2nd.

She performs and records in Canada and also more and more often in Poland. That’s where we fin her to we talk about her life, work and connection to Poland.

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A former Top 20 Canadian Idol finalist and MTV host, Anna has been offered major record deals in Canada (from Simmons Records/Universal) and her native Poland. In 2010 she represented her homeland in the Eurovision Song Contest with her tune “Love Me”, placing 2nd, and grabbing the attention of EMI Eastern Europe.

In 2012, while still doing double and triple duty with other acts — from fronting rock band Killing Hollywood in Toronto to working with Captain Hooks, and Shaun Frank from The Envy— she began working on new solo material both in Toronto and Vancouver, the follow-up to the self-titled pop-rock debut she released in 2010 that spawned the single/video, “Young Boy” dir. by Davin Black (Drake).

Co-writing with Mike Schlosser, the guitar player from her first band, the two wrote together five of the songs on the EP titled, Cyzon, and a sixth, “Knock Me Out,” with Chin Injeti, whose songwriting credits include Eminem and Pink.

After her band, Killing Hollywood, disbanded in early 2013, Cyzon had a new resolve — to go at it solo, armed with her six-song EP.  And so she did. Returning to the studio that same year to start work on her Polish album entitled “Burz I Buduj” which she would later take back to Poland and tour.

In 2014, her collaboration with British producer Alex Reid, produced the highly infectious “Wannabe” (released on Universal/FMLY) a song about being in the moment, in arms of your lover. The video was shot and directed by Danny Ruan in Ecuador.

2015, also spun a new produced “Knock Me Out” by Vancouver based duo Eminence, with Cyzon as the feature artist. The video has almost half a million hits on YouTube.

Now in Poland at the Carpathia Festival in Rzeszów Anna’s song “IntoTheSun‬” was awarded with this year’s Grand Prix for best song.

In the fall, Anna will be working with legendary Stan Borys:


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