Episode 7


In this episode we will tell you:

Recording of “Enigma” by Ola Turkiewicz: Robert Murakowski – trumpet, Marcin Riege – piano, Marcin Janiszewski – keyboards, Krzysztof Kowalewski – guitar, Marcin Ritter – bass, Przemek Bembeneq Kuczyński – drums Tomas Celis Sanchez – percussion, string section: Quartette Obligato with guests, featuring Marzena Masłowska on cello.


• Bernie Koloski, a professor emeritus of English at Mansfield University, Pennsylvania, talks about the two years he spent as a Fulbright professor in Poland under martial law

• Ola Turkiewicz, a Polish jazz vocalist and composer, who moved back to Poland from Canada, talks about the differences between the two countries

Also in this episode:


• Jan Czochralski, a Polish metallurgist, who invented a “silicone wafer”, without which electronics would not exist

• Carillon is a massive musical instrument located in clocks or church towers – there are 19 of them in Poland



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