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  • From Krystyna i Marek Świrski on Your comments

    Kolejne gratulacje Malgosiu!!!!! Czekamy na wiecej!!

  • From Ewa Elzbieta Deoniziak on Your comments

    Nazywam sie Ewa Elzbieta Deoniziak, mieszkam w Kitchener.

    Gratulacje skromne, ale bardzo szczere z otrzymania
    nagrody im. T. Plazynskiego.
    Uwazam, ze w pelni zapracowala Pani na ten sukces.

    Pozdrawiam i zycze zdrowia, usmiechu i wiele pustych kartek, ktore tylko czekaja, aby je Pani zapelnila szybko swoimi myslami, bardzo mi sie to spodobalo;

  • From Martin Grzadka on Your comments

    Every time I hear about you at different occasions I continue being impressed by your relentless passion, dedication and and creative growth.

    I believe it was last week while at work skimming the TV in our work lobby for news that I saw you giving an interview in Canadian media regarding elections. I went back to our office and shared with Monika exactly what I wrote here in the first sentence.

    This week while reviewing my inbox another surprise… Congratulations on receiving the award im. T. Plazynskiego!

    Based on my experience You are dedicated, I believe you apply genuine effort to make a positive contribution in your role and I am proud of you!

    You Rock Malgosia!

  • From Paulina on Your comments

    I love polcast! I just drove 6h to Montreal and downloaded a bunch of your episodes and listened to them!

  • From Jane on A story that needed to be told - Lilac Girls (Episode 18)

    This is a wonderful interview. Thank you so much.

  • From Jeff Tomaszewski on Your comments

    Hello POLcast and thank you for the excellent reporting. I enjoy your podcasts and all the hard work you do.

    I wanted to share with you also that Karen Majewski is of Polish descent and she has been serving as the mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan. Perhaps you would like to run a story on her as well?


    • From Malgorzata P. Bonikowska on Your comments

      Hi Jeff, thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy our POLcast – if you think it’s good, please share it and tell others. ? Thank you for the information about Karen Majewski! We had no idea but are happy to learn and a) will mention her in our next episode, b) will contact her to interview her. ? Best regards, Margaret P. Bonikowska

  • From Jordan Salmanowicz Longever on Your comments

    Thank you so much for your excellent show! I am an American with Polish ancestry, who unfortunately was not raised with a connection to our Polish roots. Poland has always fascinated me, beyond its surface identity, and I cannot thank you enough for teaching me so much and bringing my connection to Poland to life. I also find myself interested in prehistoric Poland and its tribes’ way of life, beliefs and practices. Might you be able to recommend books, etc. about this topic?

    In deep gratitude for your illumination of Polish persons, culture and history, and wishing you all very Happy Holidays,

    Ms. Jordan Salmanowicz Longever

    • From Malgorzata P. Bonikowska on Your comments

      Dear Jordan, Thank you for your compliments. If you think it’s good, please share it and tell others 🙂
      Here are some starting points for your possible readings:
      Hope you find useful information there 🙂 All the best – Margaret P. Bonikowska

  • From Ola Turkiewicz on Episode 43

    And thank you. <3

  • From Jadwiga Wojtczak-Jarosz on Episode 42 - POLcast's 1st Birthday

    My CONGRATULATIONS to both of you.

    And many happy returns for POLCAST !

  • From Ola Turkiewicz on Episode 42 - POLcast's 1st Birthday

    Great episode! And Happy Birthday!!!

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